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Improving the stickers of the Hublot Big Bang rotor

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Another nice one from Francisco:


Let’s talk again about the back of the Hublot Big Bang, a paradise for modding. Let’s remember what the Hublot’s document to spot reps says:




We have studied how to solve these two flaws:



Absence of regulator:





Bearing of the rotor:





The document continues showing defects:




It says that the H is too bold (in some reps there is no H at all). For solving this there is two solutions: Decals:




And now an engraved plate is available.


Finally the text says that “Hublot Geneve†text on the rotor is too bold and not engraved. This text was later engraved in some reps. However, other models still have the text as shown in the Hublot’s document. That problem is what we pretend to improve in this tuto.


Of course the best solution is to have an engraved rotor. But there are many Hublot reps out there with these ugly stickers. And it seems that nobody in engraving the rotor now.


The beginning of this story was a rotor I was modding, swapping a gen ETA bearing. And then I realized that 2 letter were missed.




First step is to remove the stickers and cleaning the area:




I employed pictures to obtain the text. Two decals, one for each word.






How to set the decals is explained in several tutos, so I am not going to explain it here again. It is important to mention that a layer of varnish is applied on the decals. This layer of varnish will protect the decals and improves the final aspect.



Some pictures of the result:








Of course engraving the rotor will produce a better result, if the option was available. However, this approach will be always cheaper and better for a DIY project.





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