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Improving Breitling Avenger Rep

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And again a nice one from Francisco


This thread shows a comparison of Breitling Avenger rep and gen dials and how the movement has been improved.


Gen dial is always on the right.



Subdials font too large and bold.

Triangle at 12 too small.



Numbers are mate, not glossy or chromed as the gen.

B of Breitling is different.

Central hole is different. However hands hide this flaw.



“Swiss Made†is smaller


Gen lume is quite disappointing, but better than rep. Lume after charging:




lume after 5 minutes:





Two Breitling reps with gen dials, blue and black. Both dials colors are very, very similar.






In addition, the movement was upgraded. Eta silver screws replaced the rep blue screws, and the bearing of the rotor was upgraded to ETA rotor and ETA blot.







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Where I can find the best rep?

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stunning watch will have to get one

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I am planning to buy a Breitling Super Avenger with a white dial and leather belt, also i am planning to get a black dial..so that i can change after few months(just for change)....i am planning to get it from Mary(watchinternational), can you kindly let me know where can i get GEN Dial for Breitling Super Avenger V3

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