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Linde Werdelin straps, now available @ Bond tailored straps!

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Hi all!


I now offer the straps for Linde Werdelin watches.


As these are low volume for me, i won't develop the inserts on my side so you will need to send me a rep strap (kevlar from spidolite II carbon is perfect) in order to make the strap


Price will vary on the leather type but here's an overview


premium alligator (no viet gator involved here): 199$


ostrich, shark, lizard, python : 175$


luxurious calf : 175$


other leather type are available, just ask what you need and i'll get it if not in stock ;)


All straps are lined in ''veau caoutchouc''. It's top of the line calf leather treated to be sweat resistant so more durable. To the touch, it almost feels like rubber, hence the name veau caoutchouc.


Any question, feel free to ask!


Photo mounted on the watch courtesy of TheHitman1!










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Hi! Do the straps are fitted to ‘the one ‘ series? Can you post more pictures again because the photobucket is not work.

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