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Aquanaut: 5167 BP v3 vs 5168 BP

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Afternoon all,

I'm mulling my next purchase and I'd like some advice. I've always liked the Aquanaut and after having tried the gen on recently I was pretty impressed by it (no shit, it's a Patek after all). Only thing is at the moment the version recommended as the most accurate (the V6 SW200) is not in stock anymore.

The two options available are:

- 5167 BP v3 >>> This is the 40mm version in stainless steel (as per gen). Main flaws are the date wheel (font is too small) and case is around 1mm thicker than gen at 9.5mm thick.


- 5168 BP >>> This the 42mm version, also stainless steel (whereas gen is white gold). Also here date wheel font is too small and case is about 1.5mm thicker than gen at 10mm thick.


Except for this both dials look pretty good to me, in terms of arabic markers, engraving etc, movement is the same (Miyota 9015 decorated as PP caliber 324).

In terms of preference I like quite a lot the blue dial, but I also feel the black one would be more versatile, not to mention less conspicuos (the 5168 is 50k watch, compared to the 17k of the 5167).

What do you think? Has anyone direct experience with any of this two specific models? Is there any flaw which I'm overlooking? How is BP quality in general?

Thank you in advance!

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I have the 5167 and I can honestly say its a nice watch. I would prefer it over the 42 because 42mm is just too big for the type of watch it is. It looks better as a slim small watch thats sporty and dressy. If you want big get a bracelet type watch

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