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Wrapped gold vs Plated on GMT II

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Hi All,

Its been a while since I posted as it’s been a while since I’ve been besotted with a watch but the new GMT II Rootbeer has me well... besotted!

i really want one but only if it’s spot on

Trusty has a gold ‘WRAPPED’ one at $1598 (which is almost triple what I’ve usually spent in the past) , or a ‘PLATED’ one for $298.

The question I have is is the ‘WRAPPED’ one going to be ‘Night & Day’ different to the ‘PLATED’ one as I believe it bloody well should be for that amount of money!?!

Thanks in advance for any help





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Filled is same as wrapped I thought and you only have steel on the inside not silver or. Copper 

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Plated is simply going to rub off within the year. Yes it's cheaper, but in my opinion a waste as the watch is basically unwearable once worn. 

I'm new to reps but have always been told to either stay stainless steel or get wrapped watches and replace the bracelets with real ones! 

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