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Are Asian made eta considered replicas

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Hi you all. 

No doubt Asian made Eta are of lower quality.

Do their parts interchange with swiss make? How can we tell the differemce? 

Where to source the genuine swiss and/or  Asain make?

Regards joe

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Pretty broad question there Joe, 

yes they’re of slightly inferior quality, the differences are clear on some and not so clear on others,  or some are even trying to be passed off as Swiss using a mix-up of Swiss and Asian parts. 

Asian movements can be sourced from dealers here or EBay or cousinsUK. 

If you have a search round on the forum, you’ll find more info regarding this subject 


good luck pal. 

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Thank you Sir,

I bought nearly 160 pieces of  new AS 5008 parts , I simply presumed  Asia made no AS 5008 at all  ( bad assumption) 

I now am considering purchase of spare parts  for  eta2824-2 . We know,  even  movements of said caliber were made in Asia. In fact, I got some hongkong made eta2824  and eta2836 movements which Oris used in their exactutive line fifty years ago.  So , one gets what he paid for.

I will search the forum and hope some would join in  to expand on this topic.

 By the way cute avatar there.
Best wishes joe




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