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Any sites sell straps for larger wrists?

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Have a similar issue.

Need straps to fit 10" wrist.

Easier just to make them myself these days. Quite easy and an inexpensive option.


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On 05/08/2019 at 14:41, SCShrek said:

Thanks! Gunny does have nice stuff but you do pay for it. If the Carrera I was going to put this on was a nice rep, I'd go for it but I cant have the strap costing more than the watch. LOL

I went with this custom strap from a Vietnamese lady I have used several times. It's not factory but it will be close since I specified a squared end with no buckle holes. The problem is the 2-3 month wait...


Yes, I do have a couple of watches where the strap cost more than the watch :rolleyes:.  With that said you may want to check this guy out, I have purchased a few from him and the work is excellent!  


Today's wrist shot is just one of my examples of the above.  Strap was about $80 (if I am remembering correct) and watch was a gate purchase for about $50



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