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Read the RWG History Post

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After making some newbie mistakes I vowed to re-read the new members posts. 

It could use a little bit of a refresh but it's still the hub where I go back to when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing here.

And honestly I still skip or skim a few sections here and there.

That said, I came across the History of RWG post and even though it's a pinned post just wanted to give one more form of visibility for newer people to take a quick look.

It's sad that we lost a lot of the founding members but happy to have the OG @trailboss99 still with us.

Thank you for making and keeping this site up to date with a great community of people, even if there is a ginger that spoils the well.

+ Read this post too :)


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Your daughter is looking so grown up these days btw.

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