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Rolex 15 000 project

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Just received today that gen Rolex 15 000 case 34 mm.


Starting a new franken project, I'm still waiting for a Chinese 3135 caliber and a Raffles Dials Oyster bracelet (that parts are for the moment located between China and France).

Many parts are missing for the moment but I will wait until next month to find them

(during this quarantine period I spent more money on watch parts than the French State in the health system for the past 10 years).

I'd like to find gen champagne dial, handset and crown.

So I've got many question before starting my research : what is the size of the crown ? and how recognize a real Rolex crown (I've been watching many pictures but it's really difficult to make distinction)

Do you know a good supplier for handset and gaskets  ?


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