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Watch winders? What movement? Need advise. Thanks

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Since none of  the REP come with any manuals that  dictate what TPD or direction movement preferred   Im seeing some winders that go 2800 RPD, and then some as low as 600.  Some rotate all day. Some rest ever 4 hours, etc... And does the movement really mater clockwise, counter clockwise or Bi directional?  I dont wear the same watch and rotate ,  a lot mine  sit for 4-5 days  without wearing.... Any advise.  Most high end watches I have want about 850 RPD.....I  assume the  cheaper movements  need more, but I dont want to burn them out...


Thank you

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Don't use them, they just shorten the life of your watches. Prepare the watch the evening before hanwinding them and setting time and date, if the morning after there's no time.

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You wouldn’t leave your car running in the garage whilst you were not using it would you?

Same goes with your watches. 


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One situation I can see them being useful, though, is for watches with crown/case threads made of chocolate...  I'm looking at you SOH v2 :mad:


In that situation, I think setting the time/date and then caaaaaarefully doing the crown up, and then strapping it to a watchwinder that runs for a couple of hours each day, would surely be less risky (for the crown/case issues).

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