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Panda Daytona 116500 GEN VS NOOB, Clean V2, BT V2, Full comparison

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Hello everyone, this is unknow Steve:bugeyes:.

Now we bought a 2021 Gen Daytona and made a compare with Noob, clean and BT factory with all details, hope it will help you to choose your favorite Daytona.

Although Noob is closed, as a pioneer of movement 4130 we also add it here.

Let's just get started now!

Overall front view

Dial front view


Natural light shot

First, for the dial color, Noob is closer to Gen, nice color; clean a little darker, feels like grey and dull, maybe the glass is not so transparent;

BTF is too pale white.

I prefer Noob dial color, the overall looking feels like gen quality, but it depends on personal preferences.

It's hard to clarify the original look and differences if we don't put them together with the Gen.

We can also see that BTF dial is also very similar to the gen one under the bright light, less color difference.

Additionally, the color of Gen's whole dial, marker coating color and hands color are the same, integrate with each other.

6 clock bezel arrow alignment view

It's hard for us to notice that the inverted triangle on 6 position is a slightly off with the square marker.

Gen looks a little left. We have checked several gen watches and find out not everyone can align very perfect, it's a harder thing to say it must be aligned for this bezel.

We also inspect many gen photos on the website and also can say some are left, but some are very straight.

Sapphire side view

Sorry that these photos may not so clear to see the differences due to the photo angles and light.

After multiple angles comparison, there is no big differences of their colors and material.

Noob glass is thicker than the others (so Noob case is the thickest), but with the best transparency.

Bezel view

Clean and BTF all used same Clean bezel, Noob bezel is a little darker than the gen one.

But the entire bezel of these three factories all similar to the gen.

Chronograph second hand alignment view

We can figure out from the photos that Gen chronograph second hand is a slightly off with the Inverted triangle on 12 position.

actually it aligned with Rolex logo and scale of 12 position. Three replicas all a little off.

Bezel Platinum coating view

All three factories are more white than Gen. Noob is a little darker, Gen is a little dark grey.

Gen's platinum coating is more finesse, looks bright and shinny with a closer look.

So the gen one shall be more charming with quick glance. It looks a little dark in our photos since the gen is covered with some dust.

Why do I get this conclusion is that we have checked the brand new gen one. We will try to take the better photos with new gen in our next post.

Side view of scale

For the marker shape, Noob is over square, the side surface of dial hasn't made smooth case kit lugs treatment.

Clean does a good job in this, the shape is nearly like the gen, BT is also good as well.

Side view of crown

Oval of Noob Rolex logo is too big with thin shape. Clean looks the best in the whole details, BT also good.

lume coating view

Clean makes the best lume coating, also with the sight of graininess, color also similar to the gen.

BT is too smooth and hardly see the graininess. Noob is better than BT, with a little graininess.

12'clock Printed fonts

Clean has a good control for the color and thickness. Noob looks like pale yellow since lack of ink thickness.

BT's ink thickness is ok, but thinner number font.

Daytona Font view

Gen Daytona looks darker red, it's hard for the replica to look as the same as gen since red oil seal is hard to blending.

(Except the color, Clean font thickness and size are very similar to the gen.)

Printed fonts

All right, clean also wins, Noob and BT seems lighter color, thinner font.

We can also check the shape of 6 position marker, Noob is too square, Clean and BT have better shape.

Hand view

Let's check these photos with two aspects, Gen hand surface and side all treated very clean.

Noob hand edge also looks clean, but clean factory is not clean as we always say, the object looks like a little rusty, it probably because of the accessory.

but BTF looks also clean with BT hands.

For the center sleeve of second hand, we can see the center of Gen second hand a certain height, shape is Cylindrical.

Clean sleeve is a curved sphere, similar as Noob and BT. But BT with poor flatness.

subdial front view

We take chronograph subdial as an example, Noob hands ends is flat (known as scissors hands) due to no independent molding.

Clean and BTF similar to the gen for the sub hands.

For the chronograph subdial font, Clean and BTF too close to inside edge, Noob too close to outside edge, and no stereoscopic.

BT hand location is better in chronograph hour subdial, Clean is better in minutes subdial.

In fact their hands are straight, just the engraving of the dial a little different so it looks like some off.

Side view of subdial hands

Clean more similar to the gen for the hand center sleeve, BT is better in the end treatment, smooth as the gen.

Side view of the subdial pattern

Noob is better for the suitable ornamentation circle.

Clean and BT outer edge notch are exposed a little, subdial is not suit perfect for the notch.

But Noob did too many pattern circles, clean and BT better than it.

rehaut view

For the rehaut engraving, Clean and BT do a good job, Noob font looks extremely different.

Sel side view

Gen sel has perfect golden three arcs corner. Noob looks almost parallel.

The whole shape of BT looks good, it shall be perfect if they lower the end height.

Clean also needs to adjust the shape.

Case side view

Noob glass is relatively too high, results in the thick case. Gen thickness is 12mm. You can check the shape of the case also.

Front view of the chronograph head (photo 2 is fully rotated)

The timing head is too sharp for the N factory and is not chamfered, the whole shape of the BT is better.

When we rotate the head, you can see that the top of the BT head is not sunken in, which is due to the short screw-in stroke.

Top and bottom side view of the case

Three factories engraving are obviously different from the Gen.

Factories adopt with laser engraving, looks like formed with dots, Gen engraving is more in place.

Wa, Noob is missing a dot after ORIG.

front view of Case back

The brushed finish on the bottom cover is all right!

View of the bottom cover teeth

BT has made smooth treatment for the back case teeth sharp ends. Gen is very neat and tidy for the back case laser circle.

Noob and clean's edges are irregular, BT is ok.

strap view

Clean and BT used AR bracelet, 904 stainless steel, the best in rep market now.

Buckle engravings

There are some differences in the process, but BT and clean shall be more similar to the gen shape.

It's just a small issue and has no influences for the wearing.

The crown laser mark

GEN is formed by a scattered arrangement, all three factories are regularly arranged.

probably GEN was also regularly arranged a long time ago, due to the upgrading of major factories and anti-counterfeiting by them,

it was changed to this difficult-to-imitate graphic. haha

Lune view

The colors are all similar to the gen, clean shape is better, BT also good as well.

Well, this is today's post. With such a detail comparison, there is a gap between the N factory and the other two factories in some details.

After all, the N factory is the work of a few years earlier, C factory and BT factory as the later, they should be better.

However, for the guys who own the N Factory 4130 Daytona, whether the later winners of the C Factory and BT Factory details are good enough in your opinion, N factory daytona is still the most worthful for you.

The precipitation of time is the most beautiful.

Thanks for looking and feel free to comment, no matter what, our reps are always moving in the right direction, so let's hear it for that!

Last but not least, our intention with this comparison post is to give you a better choice of replica and a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each factory, not to determine who is the best or the highest priority, that's up to you.

Even if some guys don't think it's worth the $700+ to get a 4130 and prefer the 7750 version, there's nothing wrong with that.

After all, the dollars are so much less. So you just find your own position, and you don't need to expect everyone to be on the same page as you, that's impossible!

Note: (Some of the photos because of the light source problems lead to deviations from the real thing, the details are still based on textual descriptions, comparative picture size is relatively large, you can download to enlarge the comparison. If there is something I did not say can also be left in the comments section, I will discuss with everyone, thank you for watching)

There is no perfect replica, only the one you love the most.

Any questions, please contact with us:

Email: [email protected]

whatsapp: +86-17081934955

Website: https://www.theonewatches.io/


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Wonderful review Steve and very informative - thanks!

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On 23/05/2022 at 10:49, Theonewatches said:


Side view of crown

Oval of Noob Rolex logo is too big with thin shape. Clean looks the best in the whole details, BT also good.


Hm, I have 2 NOOB Daytonas (v2 and v3) and a friend also has two v3 (no Pandas though). On all of them the silver crown (12 position) over the ROLEX logo looks much better and not so "skinny" as this one here. Seems the "quality" of the Noob-crowns differed from  time to time ... ?!

But of course thanks for the detailed comparison ;) 

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Thanks a lot
Very instructive

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dope review. epic detailed.

Overall i picked the Clean one for me, but id like to see a BT live too..

just cant bring myself to ordering the same watch 2x, unless its a Panerai.

sadly half the pics dont load, could be my device.

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great review- good thing i am not on quality control, they all look bloody good to me 

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Picture a roomful of watch enthusiasts. Which one can pick the rep Daytona from 5 paces, then from glancing at your wrist to examining it for 15 seconds by staring at your watch?

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10 hours ago, Intresting said:

Picture a roomful of watch enthusiasts. Which one can pick the rep Daytona from 5 paces, then from glancing at your wrist to examining it for 15 seconds by staring at your watch?

Next Level:
Which one can pick the rep, tell which factory and which version ... from glancing at your wrist, meters should be counted down, starting from10m to 1m ... then to examining it for max. 10 seconds, again countdown, everyone who needs longer is out of the game! ... The best wins the Panda rep of his choice!   :panda::mine:

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