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Using Decals for Modding. Hublot Big Bang Case Back

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From Francisco DIY


Hublot Big Bang reps can be detected using a pdf file that can be downloaded form Hublot’s web page. This document says that the front of the rep is very good and, therefore, it is hard to distinguish the rep from the gen. However, the pdf file spots the flaws in the back of the rep.


Therefore, as this document is freely available, many people may be using it to detect our reps. Hence, the objective is to mod a HBB rep to fool this document.


What the document says:





As seen, we have to check three things:


a) Absence of fine-adjuster (regulator)


b and c) The center of the rotor (bearing) and the text on the mass of the rotor. In addition, the H on reps in too bold. It is not saying that the rep H is a sticker. It says that is too bold.


Here follows a picture of the HBB I bought, showing the flaws this rep has.




The flaws are:


A: Absence of fine-adjuster (regulator)

To solve it, follow this tuto:



B: Incorrect Bearing.


To solve it, just follow this tuto:



C: Absence of H (or too bold H).

This tuto you are reading now.


The best option is to buy a rep with engraved rotor. The rest of flaws can be solved with these tutos.


The previous picture shows that my watch has no H. If you have an H on your watch, it is sure that is incorrect (too bold). It is easy to remove it. It is just a sticker. This tuto shows how to add a good H. Therefore, following Hublot’s document, we had a gen.




1.- A sheet for decals.

2.- Micro Set, from MicroScale Industries, Inc., for the adhesion of decals.


To make a good H we are using decals. Decals is a fascinating tool for modding. Decals are a sheet of paper. One face is a very thin layer of transparent plastic and the other is just regular paper. I bought a set of 5 sheets. You can find this material on Internet and on shops for maquettes (slot kits and similar). There are decals for ink and laser printers. In my case I used a laser printer.


Follow a picture of the decals I bought




Micro Set seems easier to find. I bought it on Ebay. However, normally you can find it on the same places where the decals are available.


A picture of Micro Set:






The first step is to get a good H. It has been very hard to get a good one…. My original ideas was using this picture to obtain the H




Therefore, I cut the H and I improved it, pixel by pixel. However, the final result on the printer was not good. The problem is that the size of the H is so small that the printing is distorted.


The other option was to use the logo of Hublot. However, the logo of Hublot is not the same that is engraved on the mechanism.




The vertical bars are bolder and they are more closer than in the mechanism. The final approach was to begin with the Hublot’s logo and to improve it…considering the final result (the print, not the result on the screen).


It is necessary to know the exact dimensions of the H. For that reason next picture shows the procedure followed. With pictures of the gen and with an A7750 mechanism it is possible to obtain the scale and to have the exact dimensions of the H.




After many trials… the H was ready. Decals are not cheap…so I employed one sheet to produce a ton of H. They have to be printed on the highest quality and for transparency paper.




Here follows the real size of the H…so small…




You should cut decals following their contour to obtain better final results. However, due to the size of the H it is impossible to do it. Anyway, try to get as close as you can to the contour. I will do it better next time.


The decal is submerged in water for 30 seconds. I employed distilled water.




After this time the decal is placed on absorbent paper to remove the excess of water.




Next step requires precision. It is time to separate the two layers of the decal. I employed two tweezers.

Next you have to put a bit of Micro Set using a brush on the plate where the H is located.




Then the H is placed on the mechanism, and using the brush with a little of Micro Set you move the H to the correct location. It dries fast, be ready.

To know the exact location of the H on the mechanism I employed a picture of the gen, using the red lines as reference points.




The final result seems quite good. We have solved the flaws commented in the pdf file of Hublot. The document has been fooled!


However, when I was considering the pictures of the gen, I realized that this engraved text was not on the rep, and it is easy to detect this flaw, even this flaw is not in the Hublot’s document.




Therefore, I decided to make a decal of the engraved text. However, this is an impossible task. I mean, this engraved text change its colour when the light changes its orientation. But the final result is not bad, and I think that rep is a better one with this text than without.


Using the previous picture an image of the engraved text was cut it. Again, when the image is printed the results are not fully satisfactory. Therefore, the image has to be edited.


The same procedure to obtain this new decal is followed. Just a picture:




Here follows a comparison with the gen. The case back of the rep is opened.




The last step is to add the regulator. No pictures are added here, because all the steps are explained in the tuto for adding regulators. Just a picture with the regulator.




More pictures of the final result:






I think that now I have an Ultimate HBB.


A picture of the front. It needs double AR… just the last mod.




By the way, some rep lovers think that the HBB rep has a sunken datewheel. Yes, as the gen! The gen uses a modified 7750, as our reps, and this produces a sunken DW. Follows a picture of a gen showing the sunken DW.




Thanks for reading,



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Great topic.

Love your work.


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