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Buying a watch with guaranteed ETA movement

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Another one from Francisco:


Should I buy a wath with ETA or with ETA clone movement? This a important question in the rep world.


This is a history of a watch sent to me to be repaired. A deepsea Rolex, the watch does not run.


The watch is new and guaranteed to have a gen ETA movement. After opening the caseback:




There is a Rolex sticker stopping the balance wheel. The sticker was on the rotor. A better picture:




However, when we have a look to the portion of the rotor hidden by the sticker:




Clearly, this movement comes from a Enicar watch



After cheking the movement, it is pretty sure is a gen ETA 2834-2:


Good text and good ETA logo:




Reversing wheels with many holes:




Unfortunatly, the movement in the timegrapher shows a not good running... very dissapointing... and there is some extrange behaviour in the winding system.


Some thoughts:


* The owner paid for gen ETA and he received a gen ETA. However, a recycled ETA. Buyer payed $85 to recieve a gen ETA, instead of a clon ETA.


* How old is this movement? It was revised and serviced?


* If you buy clone, you receive clon. If you buy ETA, you can recieve a clon... or a ETA, but for $85... this is what you can expect.


Just take it into account...





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Just to add to this, I recently was offered a list of ETA movements.

Now the seller knows that I know the difference, and was VERY thorough in explaining what I was getting.

These were all new ETA's, built for various manufacturers, with each manufacturers name stamped on the movement.

So the movement as pictured could very well have been from a similar background, (In fact I was offered 2834-2 with "Enicar" stamping.)

FWIW, I didn't take up the offer, due more to the high quantities involved, than the price.

More grist for the mill.


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thanks for that

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Thanks for this my friend. Here is a reference photo of my Swiss ETA 2836-2, which I have tagged.



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