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Audemars Piguet ROO Rubens Barrichello review!

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My first Audemars Piguet!! :(


This is part II of my review of eight pieces from my Euromtimez Christmas order. First was the IWC Coustea, then the Tag SLR chrono, then this piece and finally an AP ROO Survivor quartz. I also ordered a couple of Hublots, but since the order was so large it was split into three packages (apparently for Florida, nothing shipped after Dec 4th made it before Christmas...)


Here is the gen:









The rep is amazingly close to the gen. On to the pictures:







This is the piece in stainless steel, not titanium; blue crocodile strap, blue dial with black underlay, silver sub-dials, silver hands, black chrono-hands, ceramic bezels, ceramic chrono-pushers, and a steel crown with a ceramic AP branding.


To be frank, I don't know anything about AP, other than the correct pronunciation. But after looking at pics of the gen I decided this was close enough to the real thing to actually spring for it. So, since I am uneducated as to the ins & outs of the ROO, I'll just let the pics do most of the speaking.








The pushers:







Side of the case with crown:






Side of the case & ceramic bezel:







The inside of the croc band:









The band's clasp is also simplistic, but effective. I thought I was going to have to wear kid-gloves with it, but whatever the material & construction, it's quite strong and doesn't seem to want to give.









The end is nicely engraved as well--very crisp & sharp.







The AP engraving on the case, near the case-back.







And the case-back itself; held onto the case with eight hex-screws. Even though I haven't had this tested, I imagine after lubricating it would be waterproof; the crown screws down tight, and the case-back was a royal pain in the ass to get off.







And the case-back markings:









And the lume:







All in all, that's pretty much it. I've also worried about the look of this piece on a smaller wrist, but this watch (as the cliche' goes) truly does disappear on the wrist. Even being a 44mm, it doesn't feel much bigger than the DSSD--which up to last week, was the largest profile watch I owned. The leather strap is also quite comfortable--more so than even the rubber strap.







Anyway, hoped you liked this quasi-noob AP review, and feel free to educate me with the AP trivia (so I don't sound like a fool if someone asks me about this piece). :rofl:


Take care & Happy New Year!

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