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Way back in the mists of time there was a watch forum called RWG (aka RWG 1). It was managed by a man called Blade and became the home for a wide range of watch fanatics, misfits and lunatics in general. Folks at RWG generally took themselves less seriously than most people, and fun was had by all.

Sadly, in 2008 RWG 1 suffered severe technical issues that the original admin could not resolve, so a new management team took over, moved the community to a new server and started again!

RWG is largely un-moderated and is therefore fairly devoid of rules. There are, however, a few basics you should know:

1. We maintain a sales area on the board along with a trusted dealer's list to help you choose your dealer. We also have a member sales subforum (accessible after your 5th post) in which you may sell your unwanted watches, accessories and straps. You MUST read the sales rules stickied to the top of the member sales forum before posting your item for sale. Threads which breach the sales rules will be removed.

2. Spammers will be killed and eaten. If you're entertaining, we might have some fun at your expense before we feed you to the ban hamster. If you're a dealer and want to sell your watches here, you MUST ask us first. Attempting to sell in the shoutbox or via PM will earn you an early bath...

3. Trolling, argumentative behaviour and generally being an idiot is positively encouraged - providing it's in fun. Note: the growing of a fairly thick skin is generally recommended, but please try to remember that drama belongs on the stage, not in our forum.

4. We believe in free speech and prefer to keep this forum as close to unmoderated as possible, but we will take action against abusive or inflammatory behaviour wherever deemed necessary.

5. Please don't post or link to copyright protected or illegal content - including images. This also includes warez software, porn, commercial images etc. In addition, non work-safe images may only be posted in Section 8 and you should keep these within the bounds of reasonable taste (i.e. NO porn or excessively 'gynaecological' images). Unsuitable images may be moved or deleted without warning.

6. Should you have a problem with a purchase from a dealer or another member, DO NOT start a paypal dispute without agreement from a member of the board admin team. This can cause serious problems for other members. If you have a problem, please contact a moderator via PM and we'll try to help you sort out the issue.

7. Do not publish private messages on the forum unless you have been instructed or authorized by a staff member to do so. This is called the PBR rule, don't ask why.

8. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PROSPECTIVE DEALERS! If you want to become a dealer here, you MUST contact an admin for permission first. Non-approved dealers are NOT allowed to sell here (whether openly or via PM or as a 'member') - any breach of this rule will result in a permanent ban from this forum.

9. Have fun. This is compulsory!

10. Lastly - and most importantly - don't forget to introduce yourself!

If you find your time here to be useful and (we hope) entertaining, we encourage you to become a VIP/Supporter member. This only costs £26 (GBP) per annum and all proceeds go towards our hosting costs and making RWG the best watch board around. By becoming a supporter you will also gain a number of benefits including:

1. Access to our occasional free VIP giveaways - you could win a strap, watch tools or even a watch!

2. Early access to the Member Sales area (see the sales area for rules) and the ability to bump your sale to the top of the board periodically.

3. Access to a supporters-only subforum

4. Increased PM storage

5. Periodic VIP discounts from some suppliers

... and much more!

Please PM @trailboss99  to upgrade to VIP.

Whether or not you decide to become a supporter, we hope you enjoy your time here - if you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to PM one of the admin team for help.

Finally: I suggest you bookmark our Twitter feed in case of problems - if we have any downtime, updates will be posted to our twitter feed. http://twitter.com/rwg_1

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