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Review Pam 127 Fiddy "Sant Grail" ...................................

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Pam 127 - Luminor 1950 Fiddy




The hoary legends are full of magic and unwanted objects, which ....... character presumably attributed to people who elect them, find them and carry.

I wonder ... if you like that for centuries, knights, poets and mystics have sought these essences, our choice of having a "Fiddy" is not linked to the loss of original innocence or create a communion with the origins of the myth.



Panerai, as prestigious watch brand is different from the others since its inception. One need only look at the vast majority of big brands have their origin in Switzerland, against the Italian origin of this.




The relationship of the brand with the Royal Italian Navy is no secret to us. But such is the symbiosis that around 1890, Panerai became the official supplier of the military division, generating large advances in materials autoluminosos in the first decade of the twentieth century








They get a bright compound with zinc sulphate and radium bromide, which call Radiomir, which later gave its name to a series of models, design with a somewhat peculiar case






As peculiar as the true origin of Panerai watches, which owes its existence to the demands of special corps command X ª MAS assault, for time and its measurement were essential factors in their missions. But we must point out that the assault team was mostly underwater, so the need to carry fully sealed watches became an obligation.






That is why, after several attempts with other prestige brands, the Royal Italian Navy directs the manufacture of watches Panerai tight, tough, accurate and with good visibility underwater.




The first prototype manufactured by Panerai watch dates from 1938, which sat on a machine based on a Rolex Cortébert Ebauche on a box of 47mm Radiomir and adding material to the indexes on the dial. The first model far exceeds all the evidence and claims the manufacture of a first series of 10 units, under the reference 3646.






Over the next few years, improvements made ​​by applying different series as the Angelus caliber 240 with power reserve of 8 days, or the protective characteristic arched crown.




But there is a clear point of inflection between two essential stages in the history of the brand, and this is the year 1993, from which the brand becomes part of the Vendôme group, and that's when really going to civilian market




This brings up the reissue of several models until now considered a military secret, as is the case of the Luminor, Luminor Marina or Mare Nostrum.




It is in 1997 when the brand expands and clocks begin to appear in series with different technologies developed, sponsorships and other growth strategies.




But the current success of Panerai is not only that good expansion strategy, but as in fashion, has been governed entirely by chance. Everybody knows that we are involved in some way in this world that has many adherents Drapery. So many of us gathered in various forums and sharing a common hobby.






But I dare say that much of the success of these watches are not only due to the clock itself, but an element that sometimes bring us head, Correa. Clocks are extremely chameleon that can completely change your look by simply putting a belt or other model




No wonder many of us have a few Panerais and a dozen different models of belts.




That is why when we buy a Pam not only buy a watch, buy a lifestyle, a base that will change as the mood of their owners, depending on whether you decide to put a brown alligator strap or a beef aging skin tones clear or one of the various craftsmen we have for this forum.






Rep. Panerai PAM 127 Special Edition 1950

Caja.: 47mm de diámetro de acero cepillado

Bisel.: Acero pulido

Trasera.: Vista con crista zafiro

fondo.: Cristal de zafiro

Protector de corona.: Acero satinado

Esfera.: Negra con números arábigos luminiscentes y marcadores de hora.


It consists of two superimposed discs: the top one is perforated with the numerals and hour markers

while the bottom is covered with a thin layer of Super Luminova

Cristal abombado.: Zafiro, formada por el corindón, con Capa antirreflectante

Calibre base.: UNITAS-6497-2 17J manual

Alternancias.: 21.600

Correa.: Orloff Assolutamente

Cierre.: Ardillón, acero






Only 1,950 pieces of this special edition created to commemorate the classic models made ​​for the Italian Navy.




With a very large box 47 mm stainless steel with black dial with the logo of 1950.




Because this was the first special edition with historically correct size of 47 mm with a locking crown is probably the most popular special edition of the history of Panerai.




Movement has seen, you can appreciate a sapphire crystal beams show their beauty and similarity in design to the Rolex movements crops, pocket watch that these pieces were staying.




The patented locking crown makes him look very distinguished.




Essential for any collection, as a limited edition for its historical similarity to the clock built in "1950". Also known as Fiddy, this watch, in my humble opinion, has more character than any Panerai watch.






Thanks for reading ..................... [/ B]

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Great pics. You write like you work in advertising. Expect a call from a Panerai headhunter at any moment!

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Outstanding pictures! They've got me shopping again.

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Outstanding pictures! Im horny, I really need more PAMS

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Tits McGee

Can we see some quality boobie pics? :boobies3:

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Awesome pics and write up.

Looking for mine now.

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Great pics !

They make my Pam127E Fiddy jealous to say the least.

Mine doesn't look that good in real life..................


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Where can I find this version? Puts mine to shame?

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Jose Betancur

Que buenas fotos!

Gracias por compartir Maldonado

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Congrats Maldonado

Really nice pis and good writing

Very interesting


Saludos amigo


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As always..............italians do it better :giggle:

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Great pics!

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cant wait until these are available again!

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Love my Fiddy!!


Great post, thanks :D

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Bloody great pics there! My Fiddy brother, 217, is out getting a full service - i miss it, lots!!!!!

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