We’ve talked about Scams elsewhere, but scam dealers are sufficiently commonplace that it’s worth making the point again.

1. Genuine watches.
Even if you’re buying a genuine watch, make sure it IS genuine before parting with your money. It is estimated that around 40% of the watches on eBay are fakes (and that’s being generous - some would say that the percentage is much higher). If buying from eBay, ONLY buy from a specialist watch dealer with 100% positive feedback. If buying from the local paper, take the watch to an authorised dealer for that marque and get it appraised BEFORE handing over your money. Most of our members also collect genuine watches and we can often help you tell the difference between genuine and fake.

2. Replica watches.
99% of the sites on the Internet are scammers. FACT. Avoid dealers such as BestSwiss, Bluefakes, Global Replica, Perfect2clones, Perfect Swiss, Brand9, Replicahause, UKreplica and thousands of others. You might get a watch (if you’re lucky), but it won’t be worth what you paid for it. If a site advertises replicas made in Switzerland, Italy or Japan, they’re a scammer. If they advertise solid gold, white gold or grade AAA, they’re a scammer. If they suggest C.O.D. payment, they’re a scammer. If they claim their watches are made of 440L or 904L steel, they’re a scammer. If they tell you that their watches will fool an authorised dealer or an expert, they’re telling lies. There are a LOT of pitfalls. Most of us have been caught at some time or other, but we’ve been around long enough to know who we can trust. Join the forum and avoid the ripoffs!

3. There are a lot of homage watches around. Even companies like Rotary, Lorus, Fossil and others make homage watches. They’re often a better choice than buying a replica. Even if the watch you want is a little more obscure (Panerai, for instance), there are dealers who can supply 100% legal homage watches in the correct style - just with a different (or no) brand name. Be careful though - when dealing with these smaller companies, some are better than others. Its easy to spend more than necessary - especially on eBay. It’s a fact that you can buy a good-quality (meaning very reliable) mechanical (hand-wind or automatic) Marina Militaire homage for as little as $70 if you know where to look. We can point you in the right direction - don’t spend twice the price on eBay!

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